Word for Wednesday

Nevertheless, the centurion believed the master and the owner of the ship, more than those things which were spoken by Paul. Acts 27:11

As we made our way north from Cape Cod and worked our way through Boston, I saw the bright interstate sign and followed it north as we headed back to New Brunswick. The only problem was, I failed to notice the sign was for I-93 instead of I-95. It was a good highway, and although nothing seemed familiar, the difference didn’t strike me until I saw a sign indicating the distance to Montreal. I had no choice, I had to find somebody to ask directions from. So we stopped at a tourist information center, where the kind folks directed us home through the White Mountains. Women often accuse men of refusing to ask for directions. But when it comes to spiritual matters, most people in the world will take advice and ask directions of almost everybody but a Christian. They will even take the advice of a water-cooler buddy rather than someone they know is a born-again believer. And they will accept some pretty ridiculous and far-fetched stories rather than talk with somebody who knows what the Word of God says.

Paul spoke up, and made his case. But it didn’t matter. There was a business case to be made for risking the voyage, so the centurion rejected the advice of the apostle. Having no choice, Paul went along for the sail. It’s the same with us, when we try to warn people about their foolish and hurtful actions, and urge them to repent of their sins, we get no response. But does that absolve us of our responsibilities toward them?

Paul’s interest in the voyage was huge, after all, his own safety was involved. But he kept himself aware of what was going on, and when the centurion and captain were ready to receive advice, he was there. Ultimately, they were very glad that Paul was on hand. If we maintain an interest in unbelievers, let them know we care and are available, some of them will eventually come to us for what they need. It takes a humble person to be rejected and yet to maintain a keen interest. Like Paul, we need to remain humble and remain available. If we do, we just might be in the place God wants us to be when advice is desperately needed. – Jim MacIntosh

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