Meditation for Monday

And other fell on good ground, and did yield fruit that sprang up and increased, and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, and some an hundred. Mark 4:8

I remember walking around the fields sown with oats on the farm where I grew up. There were always a few problems, no matter how good the field or favourable the location. Some would have boggy or rocky areas where the seed did poorly, others would bear weeds of various kinds, others would be invaded by murders of crows that would feast on the seed, and one field had a corner that had the soil, seed and all, swept away in a freshet when the brook overran its banks. One field had soil so poor that very few seed actually sprouted, and the crop was thin and stunted. But in the main, those fields were green and well-filled with profitable growth as the season moved along. These main areas of the fields with good growth are like the good ground in our parable. the only areas that are of much concern to God. This is the part of the field where you and I find ourselves.

Even in the good ground portion, there is a wide variety of outcome. There is a huge difference between the thirty and the hundred. And between those two multipliers is a wide spread of differences. What are the factors that make the spread so huge. It is true we are all different in our personalities, our abilities, our backgrounds, and our intelligence. God know that, and takes those factors into account. Outside of these things are the attitudes, teaching, and spiritual encouragements that we avail ourselves of. For example, an Assembly that is very strong in its Gospel outreach can have individuals who have little or no interest in spreading the Gospel, while Assemblies that have little emphasis in Gospel outreach can have individuals who are vibrant in their Gospel testimony and exercise. As we stand side by side, we ought to be the same in our fruitfulness, but we are not.

As I walked around the grainfield when the oats were heading up, I could see the grains forming and bending the stock with their weight. I could appreciate that in a few weeks, the ripened grain would be reaped, and there would be an excellent increase. The coming harvest was worth anticipating, because of the green promise of those heavy stalks.

As Christians, we should be encouraged and excited at the prospects that lie before us as the Gospel is preached. We should eagerly anticipate the sowing, the watering, and the harvesting every day, every Gospel meeting, and every series. We should also seek to increase and improve our efforts and attitudes, so our corner of the field brings the highest possible yield. – Jim MacIntosh

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