Sermon for Saturday

And the Pharisees went forth, and straightway took counsel with the Herodians against Him, how they might destroy Him. Mark 3:6

Do you remember the account in Genesis of the flood that Noah and his family survived? Although we know the population of the earth after the flood was eight souls, we don’t know what the population of the earth was before the flood. Presumably there were millions of people then. Judging by their lack of response to Noah’s preaching, these folks had little time or interest for God and His word. Their lives were filled with rebellion and violence. They were so sinful that God determined to destroy them. And He did, apart from Noah’s family. The magnitude of the flood that swept away the antedeluvian world is difficult to grasp. And yet, a God so capable of destroying His enemies at His will was the same God that the Pharisees and Herodians sought to destroy in today’s text. We marvel at their gall!

It was not just a wandering teacher, an unconventional rabbi, or a challenger of authority that these leaders were trying to tackle. We know they were mistaken about Jesus in many ways. But they had seen, or had heard reports of, His miracles and His power. They should have known that He was far beyond any efforts on their part to destroy. But they launched their plotting anyway, in their rejection and envy. Rejection and envy all around us these days are the hallmarks of those who would try to destroy Jesus and anything to do with Him. And although they might appear to be temporarily successful , they are doomed to fail utterly.

As Christians, we become frustrated to see evil triumph, especially that evil that challenges the Word of God. Those who belong in the abortionist and homosexual camps are making great strides to stifle the Scriptures because the Bible condemns them. The Mohammedans with their vile false prophet, their violence-promoting Koran, and their repressive and hateful laws, do all they can to turn people against the pure and holy, meek and lowly Jesus. Academics and scientists whose theories are condemned by Scripture also have no use for the Truth. Enemies of Christ and His cross seem to grow more numerous and more powerful. And yet, we know what their end is. We know they must fail eventually, much as it frustrates us now to see their foolish efforts.

Those who mocked the Lord Jesus on the Cross must have felt they had succeeded in destroying Him. What they had actually done was craft their own defeat and witness His victory. His victory will soon be ours, too, despite the rebellion around us today. – Jim MacIntosh

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