Word for Wednesday

But the days will come, when the Bridegroom shall be taken away from them; and then shall they fast in those days. Mark 2:20

I had a bachelor uncle who had stayed pretty much on the farm, and had little interest in most of the trappings of town. When he was getting along in years, he made a friend who decided to introduce my uncle to some of the things he had been missing. One night, they went to a restaurant and ordered a big pizza, the first pizza my uncle had ever tasted. He was delighted, and remarked that he regretted waiting so long. He could have had pizza many years before, but chose not to. That’s the opposite of us, who would love to sit down and partake of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, but we have to wait.

Here in Canada, we don’t know what fasting is all about. It’s not a part of our culture in any way, and it’s not something we have to do because of a lack of food. As far as our taste buds and our tummies are concerned, we don’t fast. But spiritually speaking, we are fasting. All the glorious treasures of Heaven are not ours yet. Much as we can enjoy our Bibles, our meetings of the Assembly, the prayers and meditations, the fellowship with other saints, all these are precious and wonderful. But they constitute a fast, when compared with the feast of spiritual delights of Heaven. We hardly know what we are missing, because we can’t understand what that Place and its glories are like. The greatest glory, of course, is the presence of our Lord, and our occupation with Him will satisfy us completely. And the time is drawing near when we will break our fast forever.

Despite our fast, we do not feel deprived. Ours is the promise of our Lord’s soon return and the assurance of our seat at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Ours is the anticipation of the fulfillment of the promises our Lord has made to us, and the hope of glory. We have so much to look forward to that we can put up with the limit that our flesh places on our appreciation of Heaven. Just as the best thing about every fast is its ending, so we can look forward to the ending of our fast.

Our Lord has given us enough spiritual blessings to keep us safe and nourished during our fast. His Word, His Assembly, and His people are enough for now. Maranatha! – Jim MacIntosh

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