Lesson for the Lord’s Day

And immediately His fame spread abroad throughout all the region round about Galilee. Mark 1:28

On March 4, 1966, the British newspaper, London Evening Standard, published a story based on an interview with John Lennon of the Beatles. At the time, the Beatles were the most popular singing group in the world. That all changed after the interview with Lennon. Here is a direct quote from Lennon during that interview: ‘I needn’t argue about that; I’m right and I will be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first – rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity.’ That quote triggered a backlash against the Beatles that resulted in a dramatic loss of popularity. 14 years later, when Mark David Chapman shot and killed Lennon, he gave the ‘more popular than Jesus’ quote as part of the reason for the murder. If you were to take a poll today, you would find Jesus far more popular than the Beatles are, and Jesus held in far greater esteem than John Lennon. To those who know Who Jesus is, nobody could ever be more wonderful!

We know that many today reject the Lord Jesus as the Christ. In fact, most of the cults major on denying His deity and lordship. To most of those we see every day, He is little more than a swear word with no relevance to their lives or future, as far as they know or care. What they don’t realize is that a coming day will reveal everyone who has ever lived acknowledging Jesus’ supremacy in all things. Despite their rejection, denial, and apathy now, there will be no doubt as to His popularity then. In the meantime, with those who have come to know His loving kindness and His saving grace, Jesus is our all in all.

Each Lord’s Day morning, the Lord’s people gather to honour and praise our Saviour and Lord. Each Lord’s Day evening, we gather to hear His Gospel presented to those who have not yet understood. To us, on His day, His popularity exceeds that which which the people around Galilee accorded Him in today’s text. On the other days of the week, He is no less precious or wonderful. We can safely shape our entire lives around serving and following Him, and know that we will never be disappointed. It would have been wonderful to hear His sermons and see His miracles during those Galilee days. But it is just as wonderful to enjoy His presence and meditate on His Word today.

Is Jesus the most famous person you know? How excited are you that He is your Friend and Lord? – Jim MacIntosh

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