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Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness. Romans 6:18

In 1973, Ken Dryden, the great goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens, was unable to resolve his contract dispute with the hockey team, and decided to simply not play for the coming year. Because Montreal owned the rights to the goalie, Dryden could not go to play for another team. But the Canadiens could do nothing to force him to play for them. And they refused to trade him to play for any other team. In the field of professional hockey, players have a choice of whether to serve the team that owns their rights. But in the great game of life, unsaved sinners do not have such a choice. And saved sinners should never abuse their liberty to avoid serving their new Master.

Just like pro hockey players, we are all owned. The devil owns the unsaved, but the Lord Jesus has bought us who are saved. Tricking sinners into thinking they are their own masters, the devil has them dancing to the very tune that he himself has selected. But, as our text points out, the Lord Jesus has freed us from the puppet strings of the devil. He has liberated us from the sinkhole of disobedience and has placed the power of obedience into our souls. The righteousness that eluded us for so long has been conferred on us as our eternal state. And while we are here in time and in the flesh, we are enabled to serve the righteous Master with righteous deeds. While it is true that we can choose not to render righteous service, why would we want to do that?

How cruelly Satan entices young (and not so young) Christians into the lusts and pleasures of the world. He convinces so many that joy and good times can only be had in the pursuit of sin. He paints the victorious Christian life as one of boredom and drudgery. And to the extent that Christians view the world as more attractive than living for our Lord, to that extent has Satan succeeded in his lies. He can never enslave us again, but he can fool us into returning to the taskmaster’s whip.

We serve a wonderful Master whose desire is always for our very best. Let our service to Him be always that of joyful appreciation. – Jim MacIntosh

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