Food for Friday

Much more then, being now justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him. Romans 5:9

Do you find the news discouraging and frightening these days? There is so much to be discouraged at and frightened about, that is for sure! We read of wars and conflicts that involve the mass destruction of property and wholesale slaughter of unsuspecting humanity. The terrorists are expanding and becoming ever more sophisticated in their senseless carnage. Economic news fluctuates so much that it is difficult to tell whether things are getting worse, better, or standing still. With all the uncertainty, massive amounts of funds are syphoned off into incredible waste on such nonsense as global warming projects. Diseases that were virtually unknown a few decades ago are sweeping swarms of people into early graves. The hateful claws of Mohammedanism spread into more and more of the world. Yes, the news is bad, and is only going to get worse. So why is today’s text a good news verse?

First of all, our verse tells us about what is happening NOW. We are justified. Regardless of what happens, we are accepted by God through His Son. All is well for eternity, and we have the resources of Heaven to protect, preserve, and supply us. That’s good news for now! And for the future? We shall be saved from wrath! That’s great news for tomorrow!

What wrath is being referred to here? It could be wrath against our sins, but I don’t think so; we were saved from that wrath when we first trusted Christ. There is a wrath coming that God is going to save us from. More and more of today’s frightening news reminds us that this world is becoming rapidly ripe for judgment. The gross immorality of the day and its wholesale acceptance by society can surely not be tolerated much longer by a holy God. World events of all kinds appear to be drifting toward the conditions that will exist in the days of the great tribulation. Surely the rapture is but a short time away! And at that time, we will be saved from the wrath that will engulf our sorry planet.

It’s easy to worry about all the evil that is about us. It’s better to trust, because our salvation is sure. – Jim MacIntosh

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