Word for Wednesday

Praising God and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved. Acts 2:47

Roy was a nice guy, friendly and pleasant to talk with, but he never seemed to have much ambition. He worked at a menial job that paid little more than minimum wage and that required little more than minimum effort. He never married and lived in a humble apartment in a quiet part of town. Roy was saved in Gospel meetings many years before, and he became a regular attender of most of the Assembly meetings. But it took Roy several years to come to the conclusion that he should be baptized. After that, he continued his casual attendance at meetings, and was seldom seen or heard from at other times. The last I heard, Roy was still a casual attender and is still not in Assembly fellowship. There’s something wrong with that, according to today’s text.

Actually, most of the Christians we know are not in Assembly fellowship, although they are in fellowship with other types of gatherings. We all know folks who are saved but who are content to attend services at places that do not meet the New Testament pattern to qualify for the Lord’s presence with the company. We also know some who have been saved and who occupy the seat of the unlearned during out Assembly meetings. Some may have been but recently saved, but others have been there a long time. This is not according to the plan that is described in today’s text. Simply put, every person who is saved is to be added to the Assembly. God never intended or expected that it would be otherwise. If God saved souls, it was that they would bring glory to Him as members of the an Assembly gathered to His Name.

But there are some Christians who would desire to be part of the Assembly but are not permitted to do so. These folks are deemed to be unfit for Assembly fellowship because of certain events that happened in their unsaved days. Specifically, these folks were divorced and had remarried. This has not stopped these folks from being reached with the Gospel and being saved. It has also not stopped these folks from desiring to be obedient to the Word of God in baptism and in gathering to the Name of the Lord Jesus. But there are Assemblies that do not permit such to be obedient in this. They see a limitation that the Word of God does not include in our text. Note that the Lord added to the Assembly such as should be saved. Period. The text makes no mention of exceptions. And any Assembly that inserts an exception is unscriptural.

If God saves souls, they should be in His Assembly. That should be their own exercise. And it should be the Assembly’s desire as well. – Jim MacIntosh

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