Sermon for Saturday

This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses. Acts 2:32

Every religion and cult that has been concocted by man has had a founder, a leader or prophet responsible for writing their phony scriptures or creating their phony doctrines. Except for the most recent ones, these men and women are all dead and gone, and in most cases, you can find their graves. Some of them lived short lives, but many lived into old age. But they are gone, and none of their followers make even a pretense of claiming that they are still alive. And that’s why they are just religions and cults, the spawn of liars now dead and in hell. As Christians, we have so much more, because our Leader is alive forevermore.

No, we have not seen the Lord Jesus in person, and we can’t point with our physical finger and say, ‘There He is’. But we have the proofs of His resurrection in the Word of God, as Peter reminds us in today’s text, the witness of all those people who had actually seen Him alive. Their uncontradicted testimony stands as a guarantee that our Redeemer liveth. The disciples, the faithful women, the others who were faithful and who had remained with the disciples, these had all seen Jesus in the flesh, and had spoken with Him. We accept their witness, as well as the witness of the Holy Spirit as He convinces us of the reliability of the Word of God. If the Lord Jesus is raised from the dead, we have hope of eternal life. And this is the only source of that hope. For this reason, every believer is also a witness to the resurrection.

Peter told his audience that all of the Christians there were witnesses to Jesus resurrection. But all of those witnesses have died. True, they left their account in Scripture, their descriptions of the details of Jesus’ life, His death, and His victory over death. The Bible stands today as the primary witness of Jesus resurrection. But in a different way, you and I are also witnesses. If we have been brought to faith in Christ, we acknowledge His resurrection as our hope. We know the truth of this great pillar of our faith. If we know it, we are responsible for living its truth and telling its truth. The people around us can not see our Lord, nor can they speak with those who witnessed His resurrection. But they can speak with us and view our testimony before them.

Can we display to those around us that God has raised the Lord Jesus from the dead? Let us be faithful witnesses of His resurrection. – Jim MacIntosh

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