Word for Wednesday

And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. Acts 2:1

I have a little habit each Lord’s Day morning, part way through the Breaking of Bread, of making a count of the number of believers present. The number varies. One week, we will have some visitors, and the number will be up. Another week, a good number will be at a conference somewhere and numbers will be down. Each time I do the count, I make note that one person or another is not there. Work commitments, illness, and vacations mean that very seldom do we have 100 percent attendance from every Christian who is in the fellowship. How different the picture in today’s text, in which every Christian, not only in Jerusalem, but in the entire world, was in attendance!

It is good that everyone was present for the Pentecost meeting. What an incredible experience they would have missed if they had been unable, or unwilling, to attend! The next few verses tell of the sound as of a mighty rushing wind, the cloven tongues as of fire, and the filling of the Holy Ghost. Nothing like this had ever happened before, and nothing like it has happened since, regardless of what the charismatics say. Those who were present would never forget what happened that day. And, in the coming days, weeks, and months, as the Lord added to their numbers, they could tell others about the wonderful experience. As a result of being there, their lives were never the same. Now, you and I have never attended a meeting of the Assembly, or even a conference meeting, with such astonishing happenings. So we can’t exactly relate to what these people experienced. But we have all been at meetings where the unexpected happened, where we encountered something that made a huge difference in our lives. Looking back on it, aren’t you glad you were there?

But nothing extraordinary ever happens, we think. The meetings have a sameness from week to week, nobody does anything unusually well or bad, and everything is very predictable. We might even get a little annoyed if somebody gives out a hymn at what we feel is an inappropriate time. Maybe we are just a little too complacent. Maybe we need something different to happen, to shake us up. I’m not speaking of the disorder and confusion that we see in some of the denominations, but I think we could stretch some of the boundaries a bit, making sure we don’t offend any of the saints. If we allow the Holy Spirit to shake things up, like He did at Pentecost, maybe we will see a little more excitement in our meetings.

If all of the Assembly was attending a meeting at which everybody was expecting great things to happen, we would see some changes. – Jim MacIntosh

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