Word for Wednesday

This shall be written for the generation to come, and the people which shall be created shall praise the Lord. Psalm 102:18

As my grandchildren learn to read, I enjoy showing them some of my old books, including two of the schoolbooks from my early years. One of those is my old grade four reader, a red volume called Up and Away, which was part of the Canadian Reading Development Series, produced in the 1940s and 1950s. Although an excellent reader, this book is currently not being used in schools, and for good reason. Many of the items in that reader are out of date, including the words of our national anthem. O Canada has been updated since that book was published, and its wording improved until the most recent change that abandons its poetic beauty. Although still an excellent source of stories for the grandchildren, the old reader is now just a reminder of the past and is inappropriate for today’s education. How different is the Volume that God has given to us, as our text declares, a Book that served the past, serves the present, and will serve whatever generations are yet to come.

We feel badly to see how the Bible is neglected and rejected in our society, to see it ridiculed by the foolish ‘intellectuals’ around us, to see it ignored and dismissed as irrelevant. Even in our country which was built on values and truths of the Bible, this book is so badly ignored that many people have no concept of what it is all about. Does that mean the Bible is losing its place as the world’s number one best seller? Not a chance! During the time when Harry Potter books were all the rage, the Bible was outselling Harry Potter by more than two to one! More Bibles are being printed and sold today than at any time in history. Despite a wane in the western world, the Bible is outselling everything else in China and other parts of the world. Although nobody knows how many Bibles have been printed, estimates range as high as six billion, far beyond any other book. Despite powerful efforts to destroy and discredit it, the Bible stands solidly indestructible. It will endure to serve the grandchildren of our children’s children.

What is the Bible’s purpose? We know it is the revelation of Jesus Christ, the Word of God to a fallen human race. Our text tells us that its purpose is that God’s creation will praise Him. The highest pinnacle that we can reach is praise to our God. By unfolding God’s great plan of Salvation, by revealing the great heart of love of our God, by presenting us with the majesty of God’s character and purposes, the Bible brings us to praise Him.

Praise has been the occupation of saints of ages past, and is the highest occupation of saints today. The Word of God will cause future generations to praise the Lord as well. – Jim MacIntosh

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