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Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers; the snare is broken, and we are escaped. Psalm 124:7

One of the best illustrations of today’s text is from the book of Esther. The book is the account of a cruel and dangerous enemy who plotted for the destruction of the Jews. The vengeful Haman was opposed by a wise and resourceful Mordecai, who refused to bow to one who was evil. But Mordecai’s resourcefulness relied on his beautiful and brave niece, who had become the king’s bride. Esther understood her role in the plan to destroy Haman’s evil scheme, and carried out her responsibilities perfectly, despite the very real danger to her own life. Although God is not specifically mentioned in the book, His presence and His power fill the book. Like birds caught in the fowler’s trap, the Jews were helpless. But the breaking of the enemy’s trap released them from their peril and doom. In this, we see God’s deliverance for us today.

The fowler’s snare, or trap, did two things. First, it imprisoned the birds so they were unable to fly. Second, it ensured their destruction at the hands of the fowler. This is what the enemy has done to the poor residents of earth. Satan’s trap of sin robbed us of our ability to soar into the air of service and devotion to God. That same trap prevented our escape, and doomed us to the punishment for which our sinfulness condemned us. Like little birds in a trap, we had no way to escape, no power to break the trap or to elude its terrible clutches. If we were ever to be restored to the purpose for which God created us, it must be at the hands of One stronger than the enemy and his trap. For every Christian, the reality of the broken trap and the wonderful love of the Breaker are cause for thanksgiving and praise.

One of the most delightful aspects of the text is that it refers to a broken snare. A snare that had been simply lifted to allow the birds to escape would have been temporary, because the snare could be reused and the birds revictimized. But The Lord Jesus didn’t simply lift or overturn the snare of sin. He destroyed sin and its power forever. Yes, we still reside in a sinful body, but our souls have been forever freed from the trap. And our bodies will one day be freed as well. Our salvation is based on the truth that the trap of sin is powerless and the Lord Jesus has forever defeated the fowler.

As little birds forever freed from the fowler’s snare, let us today soar high in our praise to the One Who has rescued us. Let us serve Him with hearts thankful for our liberty. – Jim MacIntosh

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