Thought for Thursday

He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6

The scene that is pictured in our text is that of a poor farmer at planting time. His family is hungry because the previous growing season was not good. As his children plead for bread, the poor farmer takes some of the grain, almost from their very mouths, to sow the seed. Weeping that he must deprive his children, the poor farmer moves slowly and methodically across the field, drawing out handsful of grain and broadcasting it in great sweeping arcs around him. Even in his heaviness at taking that grain from his children, he sows with care, making sure the grain is evenly spread and that no ground is missed. He sows in sorrow and yet in hope, knowing that only by sowing the precious seed can there be any future for his little family. Does this poor farmer’s sacrifice have any parallel in our day?

I heard of a Christian who gave up a well-paying job because it prevented him from getting his children out to the Gospel meetings. Things were a bit lean at his place in terms of extras and comforts, but they got by. And he had the joy of seeing all his children saved and in Assembly fellowship. This man experienced both halves of our text, including the wonderful blessing of the second half. Many of us don’t know anything about the first half, so we will never experience the second half. There is a price to pay for receiving a blessing from the Lord, and sometimes it is a great price and involves sorrow and hardship. But the word ‘doubtless’ in our text tells us that precious seed sown for the Lord cannot help but bring forth a harvest.

If you ever watch the stock market index, you will see it rise and fall from day to day, depending on many things. People who have money invested are always hoping the value of their stocks will rise, but they have no guarantee that it will. God’s investment plan has no such uncertainty. If we sow the precious seed faithfully, the return is certain. If it costs us in time, money, effort, health, or peace of mind, God knows the value of each sacrifice, and guarantees a just recompense. Sometimes we receive rich blessings now, and sometimes we have to wait for a day in which all the accounts will be balanced, but God has never shorted any of His children yet. In God’s own time, in God’s own way, who does God’s work will get God’s pay.

If the sowing of the precious seed results in tears, let us not write those tears off as a loss. They represent a joyful bounty at harvest time. – Jim MacIntosh

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