Tidings for Tuesday

And they were astonished out of measure, saying among themselves, Who then can be saved? Mark 10:26

The AssemblyLine website has a picture of Peter Orasuk, a Gospel preacher who endeared himself to the Christians in the Maritimes, as well as many other places, before he was called Home. Peter was an attention-commanding preacher, always interesting to listen to, and very effective in both the Gospel and ministry. But before he was saved, nobody could have imagined him as a Christian, let alone a preacher. With his involvement in drugs and with his companionship among the worst of society, this man was nobody’s idea of a good candidate for Salvation. But there were a few faithful soul-winners in Charlottetown who did pray for him and who witnessed to him. Did they expect him to get saved? And did they expect him to amount to much after being saved? Probably not. After all, if some of the upstanding respectable citizens of the Island weren’t being saved, why would God save a dope peddler? For that matter, why would he save you?

The disciples were amazed at who the Lord Jesus had identified as unlikely candidates for Salvation. Rich people were unsuitable, because they trusted in their riches. Religious people were unsuitable because they trusted in their religion. Good people were unsuitable because they trusted in their works. Where did God see us on the scale of suitability? He saw us at the same place as everyone else, at the very bottom of the scale. None of us are suitable.

Someone once observed that when we are fishing for men, God makes a wonderful fishing partner because when we catch them, God cleans them. (Actually, He does the catching, too, He just gives us the honour of holding the fishing pole.) If none of us are suitable candidates for Salvation, something has to change radically once we are saved. God cleans us up, straightens us out, and takes up residence. As we consider the disciples’ words, we too are amazed, to realize that worthless wretches like us can be useful to God and can bring glory to Him.

God can never use sinners who are unconverted, regardless of how good they are. God can only use sinners who are are converted, regardless of how bad they used to be. – Jim MacIntosh

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