Lesson for the Lord’s Day

But I have greater witness than that of John, for the works which the father hath given me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of Me, that the Father hath sent Me. John 5:36


After the carpenters who worked for the contractor finished all the construction on our new house, they turned the work over to the painters and electricians, who in turn handed the house over to the cleaners. When the new house was clean, the contractor let us know, and we started moving our things in. The movers came to our old house and loaded up our furniture and other belongings, and transferred them to the new house. For the next few days, we worked to put things where they belonged, and gradually became accustomed to our new surroundings. And we learned to laugh when friends kept telling us, ‘Oh, your house is finished’. No, our house certainly wasn’t finished. We still had plenty of work to do to finish the basement. Then we had to build a garage. Then, we had to turn our attention to the lawn, or what we were hoping would be our lawn. As every homeowner knows, no house is ever finished, there is always something more to do. How different the works that the Lord was sent to do; He was sent to finish His works.

One of the hallmarks of the works of men is the inability to finish things. Just as a house is never finished, neither are man’s efforts to improve his circumstances, his behaviour, and his prospects. As a writer, I know the futility of trying to bring any project to the state of perfection. All I can hope for is a high degree of excellence, if I try hard enough. But when God performs a work, He finishes that work. If we recall the days of creation, we remember how the sixth day marked the completion of a work that God was able to call good. We are told that the work of creation was finished (Genesis 2:1). That was a great work, a work that is more than we can even understand and measure. But it is not nearly as great as the work that the Lord Jesus came to do on our behalf.

Although creation was good when God made it, it was soon spoiled by sin. The majesty of that great work has been dulled by man’s disobedience. The work that the Lord Jesus came to do at the Father’s command was designed to restore what the first man lost. So if we draw near to the middle cross as the hours of darkness draw to a close, we can hear a word that tells of a work completed. Finished. Jesus didn’t just say it, He did it. And the Father accepted it.

A finished creation was marred in Eden. A finished salvation was restored at Calvary. – Jim MacIntosh

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