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Therefore, the Jews sought the more to kill Him, because He had not only broken the sabbath, but said also that God was His Father, making Himself equal with God. John 5:18

The two young woman at my door were pleasant and friendly, despite my abrupt greeting. They were there to try to get me interested in their cult. And they had pretty papers to show me and flowery words to share. But their friendliness turned to indignation when I stated that the Jehovah of the Old Testament is the Jesus of the New Testament. They couldn’t accept that. One of the women said it was impossible for Jesus to be Jehovah because He was created. She had read that somewhere in the Bible. Such heresy might well be in her cult’s perversion of the Bible, I don’t know. She frantically looked, but couldn’t seem to find that verse. I told her not to come back and talk until she did. She was an example of those who rankle at the equality of God the Father and God the Son.

The Jews had murderous intentions toward Jesus. It is difficult to believe their hatred could be so fierce and cruel. Although they would never express it that way, the world still has no friendliness toward the Lord Jesus. The atheists and evolutionists (usually the same people) deny Him His deity, His miracles, and His atoning work on the cross. The modernists relegate Jesus to a historical character whose relevance is based on their attitudes. The cults and other false religions deny Jesus’ deity while giving Him some ambiguous slot in their concepts. The apathetic masses accord Jesus a shrug and pass by uninterested. They might not want to kill Him but they ignore or reject everything about Him. As Christians, we need to reinforce our thoughts and our principles with the reality of Who our Lord really is. Even if it angers or turns off those around us.

The Jews who called for Jesus death in our text and who called for His blood at Gabbatha have had two millenia in hell to regret their attitude. That will soon be the lot of all the people who deny, reject, ignore and shrug at the Lord Jesus today. We who know Who the Lord Jesus is will probably make only a small impression on those who need to learn. But remember that somebody made such an impression on us. We need to read the Gospels and instill their messages into our souls. We need to read the prophecies and discover again the timeless purpose of the Father sending the Son to be the Saviour of the world. We need to allow Scripture to fill us with the reality of Christ’s deity.

For most of the world, Jesus is just Jesus. For those of us who accept Him as Lord and Christ, He is God the Son, and our Saviour. – Jim MacIntosh

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