Word for Wednesday

In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. John 5:3

Every toy store carries brightly coloured bottles of liquid that the children love to play with, a mixture of water and glycerine that is used for making bubbles. Tiny babies are fascinated by watching the bubbles rise and drift in the breeze; older children vie to make the biggest bubbles, and to catch them before they burst. The pretty bubbles make for delightful entertainment for the children, and will occupy them for hours. But many people around us are also occupying themselves with bubbles instead of the worthwhile. All that the folks in the Bethesda porches were interested in were bubbles, and not even the presence of the Lord Jesus walking through the porch was as interesting as their watch for more bubbles from the pool.

For most of the impotent folk, the bubbles offered very little in terms of hope. The likelihood of their benefiting from the bubbles was almost non-existent. And yet, they stayed day and night, hoping against hope that they would be healed. That is so much like people today who look for satisfaction and joy in the world’s bubbles. Pleasures, entertainment, education, travel, business, and religion all are bubbles that the world chases in hope of catching something worthwhile. But, just as a little child is surprised and disappointed when a bubble bursts, so the empty bubbles of earth fail to satisfy the hungry souls around us. Like the folks in the Bethesda porches, people around us don’t need to pursue bubbles, they need to meet the Lord Jesus. That’s why we need to bring the Gospel to them by our testimony, by preaching, and by the printed page.

Do Christians ever chase bubbles? I know many Christians in the denominations who are occupied with different kinds of bubbles. Oh, yes, they speak of the Lord Jesus, but He doesn’t seem to be as important as their wonderful preachers, as their choirs and bands and other special music, as their many programs and activities, as their occupation with new methods and theories. Are there any bubbles floating around our Assemblies? We need to be careful not to let the bubble of new technology toys replace any of our emphasis on the Word of God, or let the bubble of modern Christian music and concerts interfere with our occupation with the Person of our Lord, or let the bubble of social media interfere with our fellowship with the Lord’s people.

I never yet saw a bubble that had anything in it but air. Abandon the occupation with bubbles and enjoy the occupation of Christ. – Jim MacIntosh

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