Sermon for Saturday

But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father seeketh such to worship Him. John 4:23

I noticed a little white building beside the highway with a sign out front urging people to come and worship in the truth. Beside the sign was the name of the organization that met in that little white building. Because of their claim to worship in the truth, I decided to check them out. A Google search on the Internet revealed that this group is in fact a cult that knows very little of the truth. They deny such truth, for example, as Jesus being God the Son, as the existence of the devil, and the reality of salvation by grace alone. They have their own little list of works that must be accomplished to attain salvation. Enough said, it’s pretty obvious that whatever they are worshipping is not the truth. So Jesus was surely not talking about that cult when He spoke of those who His Father sought. So who was He talking about?

In one way, Jesus was speaking about every saved person. We have accepted the truth of our sinnership and Jesus’ Saviourship. Regardless of the form, ritual, tradition, or religious experience and practice, only true believers can truly worship. Many people in many of the denominations, and even those outside any organization, can worship, because they are born again. Some of them are very limited in their abilities to do so because of the stifling power of the religious organizations in which they function. But the more truth they learn and practice, the more they are able to worship. That is why devout and faithful Bible scholars are able to appreciate their times of worship, because they have come into such a deep knowledge of the truth of the Word of God.

So we know that we can worship as individuals as we know the truth. What about collectively, can we worship as a company of believers? The same rule applies, of course. Worship is directly related to truth. If some organizations meet to worship and have in their company some who are not believers, their worship as a company is heavily compromised. So are companies where some believers are living in open and unjudged sin, and where some in the group hold to doctrine that is directly contrary to the truth about the Person of Christ. Worship problems also exist for those who reject the simple truth of God’s pattern for assembling in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. How do we know that we hold the truth? There is a Book that reveals that truth. Those who read and follow that Book are welcome to worship in the Father’s presence.

Pilate asked, ‘What is truth?’ And he walked away. We ask, ‘What is truth?’ And we draw near. – Jim MacIntosh

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