Food for Friday

Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again. John 4:13

A recent study probed into the happiness of people at all levels of life and made an interesting discovery. It made no difference where they went, they found people were no different in their levels of happiness and dissatisfaction. In fact they found that some of the most unhappy, despondent, and dissatisfied people in the world had achieved the most in terms of making – or inheriting – money, rising to the top in entertainment and sports, advancing the furthest in the arts, science, and other studies, and seizing the most power and influence. The more people get, it seems, the more they want, and the more they want, the more they realize they can’t hold onto what they already have. Jesus is talking about those people when he speaks of thirsting again after drinking their fill at earth’s wells.

When I am at work, I like to have a glass of water or a mug of coffee nearby. I notice that the sip I had a few minutes ago won’t do for the thirst I am feeling right now. That’s the same staying power as earth’s pleasures and achievements. Those things that people obtain and reach are fleeting, and have no power to truly satisfy. Just as the smoker craves his next puff and the drunk his next guzzle, the things that pertain to earth can never bring us the happiness of satisfaction for more than the briefest of moments. That’s why the Lord Jesus came, to give us the living water that brings us into the possibility of truly satisfying our souls’ thirst.

The living water that Jesus brings is available to us who have eternal life. It is not only available, but it is as abundant as we can possibly use. Why is it then that we neglect the living water to sample the empty wares of earth? If we know that seeking the things of Christ will give us the only true satisfaction, why do we dabble in the things that we know will shortly be burned up? We know better, but we don’t do better, because we are like the ancient Israelites in the wilderness, who hankered after the leeks and onions and garlic of Egypt.

We know we need our times of recreation and entertainment, to keep our minds from atrophy, but we are in danger if we seek those things in the world’s pleasures. We are like the little child who sucks on a straw in an almost empty cup; we get nothing but an irritating noise. We can do better.

Knowing the world’s wells bear water that can never slake thirst, let us seek our refreshment from the things of Christ, His people, and His word. We will never be disappointed. – Jim MacIntosh

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