Thought for Thursday

Art Thou greater than our father Jacob, which gave us the well, and drank thereof himself, and his children, and his cattle? John 4:12

The vice president of our company was a man who took great pride in running all the affairs of the portion of the firm that he was responsible for. His responsibility was for the Canadian branch of the company, and for the most part the American owners allowed him a free hand to run the branch. He held daily meetings with the heads of every department and often visited every employee’s desk to make sure he was fully informed of everything that was happening. Because he was so involved in the day-to-day operations, we had no thought of anybody else as being our boss. We might not always agree with what he told us to do, but we never questioned his authority or his knowledge of all operations. His word was law, and it never crossed our minds that the ceiling was higher than him. Not until the company president in New York came to visit. During that visit, the vice-president was almost invisible. Just like Jacob is when we consider the King of Israel.

From our vantage point, it seems almost hilarious that this woman would wonder if Jesus were greater than Jacob. But she didn’t know who He was, and she did know who Jacob was. Jacob was very important, in her opinion. Not only had Jacob given the nation of Israel its name, but he had also given a tremendous heritage through his sons, and had even given the well that provided the woman her daily refreshment. How could anybody be greater than Jacob? Sometimes we think that way too. We can’t imagine a higher authority, for example, than the Assembly elders, or the preachers. We often set our ceiling no higher than the greatest and best men and women among us. And we miss the reality that Jesus is with us and is deeply involved in our lives.

Yes, it was Jacob who dug the well at Sychar. But it was Jesus Who created the water that flowed into that well. Yes, it was Jacob who established the family that eventually became the nation of Israel. But it was Jesus Who Jacob acknowledged as Lord and to Whom he committed his life. All of the heritage that the Samaritan woman received through Jacob faded away when she came into contact with the One Who truly was greater than Jacob. We also should never lose sight of the lordship of Jesus, and always accord Him the highest place in all our considerations.

What a privilege the Samaritan woman had to give a drink of water to the One greater than Jacob! It is also our privilege today to recognize His greatness, and to serve Him. – Jim MacIntosh

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