Word for Wednesday

The woman saith unto Him, Sir, Thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep. From whence then hast Thou that living water? John 4:11

Later in this same Gospel, we will read the account of the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus. In that account, John records the events that followed the Saviour’s death, including the actions of the soldier who took his spear and thrust it into Jesus’ side. From that wound, John declares, he saw flowing blood and water (John 19:34). Where did the water come from? And what was its relationship to the water that the Samaritan woman spoke of?

Medical people tell us that the human heart is enclosed in a sac that, in times of great stress, sorrow, and trauma, will fill with water. It was this pericardium that the soldier’s spear pierced, and a small flow of water would not have been unusual for a crucified person. That the flow was extensive tells us something of the depths of the Saviour’s anguish during the hours before and the hours on the cross. It was His death that brought forth that tide, a death that brings life to us, a death that enabled the Lord to defeat death for all time. Because of that death, Jesus is qualified to offer us living water, as he offered it to the Samaritan woman. And He draws it from a deeper well than that of Sychar.

The woman of Samaria knew the quality of the water from Sychar’s well. Even today, tourists can be refreshed by the cold clear water that can be drawn from its depths. But in a very short time, they are thirsty again. The woman knew the daily ritual of coming to the well to get more water. Like anything of earth, it offers pleasure for but a season. The living water that Jesus offers us has no expiry. His salvation never loses its freshness nor its delightful power to satisfy. When earth’s waters evaporate and seep away beyond our reach, the living waters from our Lord gush up and meet our need at every opportunity. They are more inexhaustible than the greatest rivers of our land, more refreshing than the sweetest fountain ever found, more wonderful than the best beverage that man’s imagination has ever concocted. Living waters, ours for the taking and enjoying, ours for eternity.

Jesus answers the woman’s question about where He was to get the water by pointing to His cross. Where the blood and water flowed we have our assurance of living water and everlasting life. From whence has He that living water? From Calvary! – Jim MacIntosh

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