Tidings for Tuesday

Now, Jacob’s well was there. Jesus therefore being wearied with His journey, sat thus on the well, and it was about the sixth hour. John 4:6

Someone recently sent me a fascinating link to a Web page that shows the different sizes of things. Very interesting were the tiny particles that are many times smaller than an atom. Also very interesting were the great objects of space that are thousands of times larger than our sun. Within those extremes are objects of all descriptions and sizes, causing us to be in awe at the magnitude, precision, and variety of creation. Genesis tells us that all that work was accomplished within only one week, and the space portion of it was assembled in only one day, and even then as a sub-task of making the sun and moon. Even after the work of creation, Scripture reminds us, the One Who created maintains that creation, never slumbering, sleeping, nor growing weary. How touching it is, then, that we read of that same One being wearied as He trudged the Samaria trail into Sychar!

In His deity, the Lord Jesus never wearies. In His humanity, He knew the limitations of an earthly body. But even His weariness with His journey was with purpose. He had travelled the detour into Samaria to keep an appointment with a woman who needed salvation. In keeping with His plans, His weariness led Him to the very well where that woman was to come for water. His timing was precise, too, because He knew the woman’s social status would cause her to go for water at a time when nobody else in town would be there. Just as His precision keeps the electrons spinning in their atoms and the planets revolving in their orbits, so His precision at meeting the needy sinner was flawless. We wonder about His timing, sometimes, in response to our prayers, because we don’t know the end from the beginning like He does. But with us, His timing in response to our needs is just as precise.

There have been times, we all know, when we despaired of ever receiving an answer to our needy prayer. There have been times when we longed, and pleaded, for an escape from circumstances that tried our souls. Some who are reading these words today might be in just such straits. If the Lord Jesus could know about a Samaritan sinner in need of living water, He surely knows about the burdens pressing down on His own dear children!

Will Jesus come and sit on our well today, to keep an appointment to meet our need? Let us delve into His Word to find out. – Jim MacIntosh

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