Meditation for Monday

And He must needs go through Samaria. John 4:4

A Christian who was working as a pastor of a small southern US congregation was doing well, and getting along fine with the people in his community. Everything seemed to be going well for him and his little family. Suddenly, he resigned his position and moved with his family to the heart of a large Texan city, where he started an entirely new work. One of his friends came to visit him to ask why he had made such a move. He simply replied that God showed him there were many lost souls in that city who needed to hear the Gospel. He said he had no choice, but was compelled to go and preach to those people. He was like the Lord Jesus, who ‘must needs go’ into an area where a lost soul needed to hear the Gospel. We must needs go with the Gospel as well.

The sinful woman of Sychar did not go to seek the Lord Jesus; she wasn’t even aware that He was there. No, if she was to be reached, somebody had to go to find her. We face the same issue today. Many people are simply not aware of the Gospel. They don’t know about a Saviour Who came to deliver them from their sins. They don’t know that He is longing for them to come to Him. And the only way for them to find out about their need of Salvation and about the Saviour’s provision is for us to go to them with the Gospel. Samaria was a long ways off the regular route that Jesus would normally have taken on His way to Galilee, but He never hesitated. He needed to take the long route through Samaria. And sometimes we need to take the inconvenient route, the difficult path, the unpleasant avenue, to get to where the sinners are who need the Gospel.

No, we are not all fitted to be missionaries and carry the Gospel to faraway lands. But we can surely support those who are able to go in terms of financial resources, encouragement, and prayer. God has also not called all of us to pitch Gospel tents in new communities, and to distribute invitations, Seed Sowers packets, and tracts. But we can support these efforts as well. We can also give all the support we can to our regular Gospel meetings, and to the Sunday School work. Many of us can also have a handful of Gospel tracts available to distribute to folks we encounter during our daily activities. Living before the world as faithful representatives of our Lord is also a vital part of supporting the Gospel. And, of course, we can all pray for lost souls, and should be exercised before God as to who should be prayed for.

The lady from Sychar is in Heaven today because Jesus must needs go. Who will be in Heaven because we recognized that we must needs go? – Jim MacIntosh

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