Thought for Thursday

This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth His glory, and His disciples believed on Him. John 2:11

An automobile plant in Michigan, operated by one of the major automobile manufacturing companies in Detroit, provided a parking lot for its employees in a convenient location. One day, one of the employees who parked there was called in to the office to be told he was fired. He was told that his car violated company policy, because it was made by a different manufacturer. The company demanded loyalty from its employees, loyalty that extended to the make of cars that they drove. If they didn’t believe in the company’s cars, they would not be committed to the company in other ways, either. Although it seems a little extreme, that company’s policy makes sense in terms of having committed employees. How much more important is it to have committed followers of the Lord Jesus, both now and during His ministry?

We don’t read of any other results from the great miracle of the water being turned to wine. Impressed as the governor of the feast was, and as amazed as the servants must have been, and as delighted as the guest were, we don’t read of any of them following Jesus or making any commitment to Him. No, all we read is that the disciples believed on Him. These same men who were drawn to Him by His teaching and His knowledge were now convinced by His power. From this point on, they had no serious doubts about Him. They were now ready for whatever service their Lord was to ask of them. They abandoned all of their reservations, and became followers indeed. They set an example today for you and me, as we consider our commitment to the Lord Jesus. Like them, are we totally convinced of His Deity, His power, His wisdom, His purposes, and His leadership? In short, is He our Lord?

These disciples made a permanent and full-time commitment to follow the Lord Jesus every day. We can’t make the same type of commitment, of course, because of our responsibilities to our families, homes, employers, and other duties. But we can make a full-time commitment to accepting His lordship. Even in our families, homes, employment, and other duties, we can place His interests first. In fact, we must place His interests first, or else risk stepping outside His will for our lives. No life will be as rewarding, profitable, or meaningful as a life in which the Lord Jesus receives His rightful place as Lord. And we can only do that if we truly believe in Him.

Just as believing in the Lord Jesus was necessary to save our souls, believing in the Lord Jesus is necessary to save our lives for serving Him. – Jim MacIntosh

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