Word for Wednesday

And He saith unto them, Draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast. And they bare it. John 2:8

Place yourself in the position of the servants who have just filled half a dozen waterpots with water. In a way, this task might make sense, because these waterpots were on hand so that the wedding guests could perform the appropriate ceremonial washings as they ate the reception meal. As a servant, you complete that task without question, even though it is a bit unusual. Now comes the tough part! You are instructed to draw out of those waterpots into the jugs that are intended for wine. No, you are not rinsing out the jugs, you are to fill them from the waterpots, and carrying them to the governor of the feast, for him to approve and pass on to the reception tables. Having filled the waterpots with water, you expect to draw only water out. As far as we know, nothing has changed. Your jugs are full of water, and you begin the short journey to the governor’s table. What is going through your mind at this point? What are you expecting to happen? How great is your faith?

The servants who carried the jugs to the governor must have been in some apprehension! What would the governor say? He is expecting wine, and here comes water! Imagine their amazement as they begin to pour the first jug into the governor’s goblet! Any lack of faith now disappears, and they boldly bring the rest of the water – now wine – to the reception tables. You and I have experienced similar changes in attitude, as we have seen our God work, for example in a Gospel series. We faithfully attended, brought folks along to hear, prayed regularly, and went through the motions. But, as soon as one soul trusts Christ, everything changes. Prayer becomes more fervent and confident, attendance becomes more joyful, and invitations are more readily distributed. Having experienced God’s working, we realize that He can, and will, save precious souls. Doubt flees at the evidence of miraculous power.

Let’s give the servants credit. They did as Jesus told them. Even when it didn’t make much sense, they obeyed. Even when their ears were red with embarrassment, they forged ahead with their mission. Would you have done likewise? Would I? Doesn’t it make you wonder what we have missed out on because we failed to act when the Lord bid us to move forward? We have not had all the thrills that He had in mind for us because we did not think it made sense to go forward.

God never intends for us to figure out how He is going to perform His miracles; He just wants us to act on the promise of His blessing, and let Him act on the blessing of His promise. – Jim MacIntosh

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