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The day following, Jesus would go forth into Galilee, and findeth Philip, and saith unto him, Follow Me. John 1:43

A company that used to be my employer wanted me to work on some new courses on a contract basis. First, they needed to know if I was available. Then, after confirming that I would be able to devote the necessary time to the project, we had to do some negotiating about the pay I was to receive. Once that was finalized, they informed me about the topics that were to be covered in the courses, so I could familiarize myself with them. Then, they supplied me with a large amount of source material and a long list of links to other source material, all of which I was to use for creating the courses. After I had collected all of the material, I had a meeting with representatives of the company I was doing the work for, as well as representatives of their client. After that meeting, I was provided with an outline of the proposed lessons for each course and a breakdown of the material each course was to cover. After I had determined that the outline was reasonable, the company issued me a schedule, and I began to work. It was a complicated start-up process. Far more complicated than Philip’s two-word command!

The command that Philip received came after Jesus found him. Jesus issued the same command to you and me after He found us. When we consider all of the teaching we received as new believers, and even when we consider all of the teaching that we received since, all of it can be boiled down to that two-word command from Jesus: Follow Me. In a way, the Christian life of obedience is not complicated; it’s just two words. We sometimes make it complicated and break things down into their parts, but obedience is no more and no less than what Philip did that day when Jesus found him.

How do we follow Jesus? First, we get to know Him. Time spent in His Word and in prayer is the best way to start. Time spent in the company of His people in His Assembly is also essential, because many of those in His Assembly have learned a great deal about following Him and will be glad to share their experiences. Attending conferences, becoming involved in Assembly activities, and developing a strong interest in spreading the Gospel are also important ways to learn how to follow Jesus. We can get involved in many other aspects of life, but among them all, nothing should ever take priority over the simple command to follow Him.

If we, like Philip, make up our minds to follow Jesus, we will live a life of great fulfilment with no regrets at the end. – Jim MacIntosh

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