Lesson for the Lord’s Day

But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name. John 1:12

Several years ago, before I had my spam blocker well trained, I used to receive an email almost every day from one or another organization offering to sell me – for a remarkably low fee – a university degree. Instead of spending years in university classes, writing exams and theses and completing endless projects and other usual requirements for receiving a higher education, I could bypass all of that with a simple payment to some quick degree-granting outfit. Now, I would love to have a university degree. The only degrees I have now are the ones that show up on the thermometer when I take my temperature. Somehow, I think those degrees are worth more than one that I could buy for a few dollars over the Internet. Such a degree would be worthless for anything but wallpaper; nobody would recognize it as having any authority behind it, and it would signify nothing except that the holder was a victim of an email scam. It would be similar to many deluded folks today who proclaim themselves to be children of God but show every sign that they are the children of the devil.

Just as the holder of a bogus university degree would lack all the knowledge and abilities that a valid university degree indicates, so a false profession fails to confer on the person any ability to live as a Christian. That is why is is critical to make sure our professions are real. Those who have real professions have far more than their own say-so, they have God’s say-so and God’s authority and power to display the reality of their professions. Many of those who come under the sound of the Gospel will declare that they lack the ability to live as a Christian. And they are right; God does not grant that ability until after the sinner receives Christ as Saviour and Lord. And even then, the ability does not come from the believer, it comes from the Holy Spirit Who lives within the believer.

The high honour of entering into the new birth should grip each of us with awe and thanksgiving every day. Being the children of God means we will dwell eternally in the Father’s house and sit forever at His table. It means that while we are waiting for our Lord’s return, we have the right and the power to represent Him in His business. It means we have the privileges of feeding on His Word, accessing Him at any time in prayer, fellowshipping with His people, and enjoying the protection of His angels. What a glorious power God has granted to such undeserving wretches, all because we received His Son as our Lord and Saviour.

Our salvation is real! We know it is real because of the power that has transformed us into so much more than we could ever have or be without Him. – Jim MacIntosh

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