Sermon for Saturday

There was a man sent from God whose name was John. John 1:6

For many years, the name John was the most popular for parents to give their sons, although it was eventually replaced on the most popular list by Robert, James, Michael, and Jacob, in that order. It was an unusual name for a boy in the time in which it was given to the man who became the Baptist. Nobody could complain about it, though, because the name means ‘grace of God’. And if we follow John’s ministry, we see him preaching about repentance, which is required before sinners can have access to the grace of God. During his ministry, John received some high praise from Jesus, who described him as the greatest of the prophets. Our text tells us that he was sent from God. What does this expression mean. And are people sent from God today?

Remember what the Lord Jesus told His disciples just before He left them to return to Heaven: Go ye! He gave them a command to evangelize the world, and the disciples became the apostles (sent ones). Their mission was to take the Gospel throughout the world and they have done that to the best of their abilities. Since the time of the apostles, God has continued to send His Gospel messengers forth, down through the centuries, and in all manner of circumstances, those whom God has sent have been faithful and Heaven’s ranks of the redeemed are swelling daily because of their efforts and faithfulness. Yes, God is still sending His men and women to proclaim the grace of God to this perishing world.

So where do we come in? Is there a possibility that God could send us? In verse 8, we read that John was sent to bear witness of that Light. And he did. So can we. As great a messenger and prophet as John was, his greatest responsibility and his greatest accomplishment was to bear witness of the Lord Jesus. Just like John, our greatest responsibility is to bear witness of the Lord Jesus. And at the end of our days, no greater accomplishment can possibly be recorded of us that that we bore witness of the Lord Jesus. What a lovely epitaph for a tombstone! What a wonderful record to be presented at the Judgment Seat of Christ!

Bearing witness of the Lord Jesus is what God is sending us into today for. Make sure you accomplish the mission He has sent you to do. – Jim MacIntosh

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