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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. John 1:1

The cults hate this text. For example, the Russellites have written their on so-called Bible to distort this verse, among others. They even produced their own version of the Greek that they claim is the original. Other cults are the same; they dislike this verse and do their best to avoid it. The clear proclamation in this verse that Jesus Christ is forever God is a condemnation to all who deny it, and is a firm anchor for us who believe it. This verse is also a permanent reference for the link between the Lord Jesus and the Bible.

This verse is remarkably similar to the first verse in our Bible. The primary difference is that John 1:1 takes us into eternity itself and not just to the beginning of time. To read this verse and to accept it at face value (the only honest way to accept Scripture) is to accept that Jesus Christ is the God of eternity. In the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, we read of the beginning of His life as a human being here on earth. But John starts His Gospel by making it clear that Jesus’ birth was not the beginning of His existence. There was no such beginning, just as there will be no end. During His ministry, when Jesus referred to His Father, He was referring to an eternal relationship. When He described to His disciples God’s plan of salvation, he was describing an eternal plan. And when He spoke of the Word of God, He spoke of an eternal Word.

The miraculous Book we call the Bible is a translation of what God delivered through the Holy Spirit to patriarchs, prophets, and other servants of God. We stand in amazement at its unity despite the diversity of its earthly authors, knowing that it has only one Author. Everything that God is was displayed in the person of His Son, the Word. And everything that God is is presented in His Book, the Word. Just as there is no difference in character in the three Persons of the Godhead, so there is no difference in character in the Book. One of the amazing miracles of the Bible is its unity and harmony. As the Word of God, it can be no less. Jesus spoke about being the truth. We have the same confidence that the Bible is the truth.

When we refer to the Word of God, we might be referring to the Lord Jesus, or we might be referring to the Bible. And we would be right either way, because both are God’s revelation of Himself to us. – Jim MacIntosh

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