Meditation for Monday

In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord. Ephesians 2:21

Some stages of building a house are more exciting than others, because they involve such a dramatic change in the appearance of the project. We experienced this when we had our new home built in Hampton. We marvelled when the basement walls were poured, when the exterior walls were raised, when the roof trusses were installed, and when the doors and windows were put into place. These stages prompted the use of the camera, as we grew more excited at the progress being made. Other states of construction appeared to be much slower, even though the workers seemed to be just as busy. Most of those periods of less apparent progress occurred as the project was coming to a close. But those stages when less seemed to be accomplished were just as important as the exciting impressive times of obvious progress. Our text speaks of such a construction project, the building of the great temple for the Lord Jesus, composed of all those who have trusted in Him.

There have been periods of history when great progress has occurred, great reformations and revivals and awakenings. Those seasons appear to be behind us now, as we often see only the twos and threes being saved during most Gospel series, with sweeping apathy throughout society making it difficult to get folks stirred up to any interest in the Gospel. Does this mean little is being done? Not necessarily. God is still working, still reaching souls, still striving with sinners even in a day of small things. Maybe we are getting closer to the finish of this great construction project. Maybe the Rapture is very near. Although we can’t know the exact stage of the project, we can know that God is fitly framing the building together to the glory of His Son.

Just as we saw the carpenters exercise great care in building our new home, so we can observe God’s great precision in the construction of His temple. The builders’ reputation was at stake as they constructed our home. Any flaws or mistakes would have reflected badly on them. The foreman on the project made sure that everything was done correctly. We see God take the same care in the building of His temple. Like the foreman on a construction project, He takes responsibility, reminding us that Salvation is of the Lord. All the preaching, witnessing, inviting, and other work that we might be involved in comes under His direction, and we simply appreciate being given the opportunity to get involved.

We are a part of the great temple that our Lord is fitly framing together. We also have the honour of helping Him with the work. – Jim MacIntosh

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