Thought for Thursday

And He that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And He said unto me, Write, for these words are true and faithful. Revelation 21:5

A year earlier, it had been just part of an old field, long since abandoned by the farmer and his cattle, with just some old foundations left from where a barn once stood. But it was part of the development plans for a new subdivision, and we had struck a deal with the developer for a new house. On that lonesome bit of field, the builders did their work, digging a foundation, diverting a spring, building slowly until a little bungalow took shape. As the weeks went by, a well was dug, siding and roofing were installed, tradesmen installed wiring, plumbing, and drywall. After some unplanned delays and disruptions, the work slowly became more finalized, with painting, cupboards, flooring, and light fixtures, until we were informed that the house was ready for occupancy. There, on what used to be a plot of alder bushes and goldenrod, stood a pretty little house, and we were pleased. An even greater pleasure awaits us when we see how our Lord will make all things new in the time of the new Heaven and new earth.

Nobody has an imagination anywhere near good enough to visualize or understand the remake that the world is due for at the end of time. Far beyond the beauties of spring blossoms or the wonders of nature that we can see in our world, the new Heaven and new earth are to be transformed in spectacular fashion, and it will all be for our delight and enjoyment. But let us not forget that – for us – the transformation began on the very day that we were saved. Our Lord’s promise that He will make all things new started when He translated us into His kingdom. The new birth brought us out of the old world of judgment and sin and into His world of peace and promise. Although still pent in sinful flesh, our spirits soared into the glorious joy of the knowledge of sins forgiven, and the happy realization that our future is with our Saviour and Lord. We were given power to overcome temptations, resist the devil, and serve the Lord. We received the desire and right to worship, and we entered into the appreciation of the fellowship of the Lord’s people. Life changed at salvation’s moment, and it continues to change as we grow in Him.

As we live our Christian lives, we continue to develop in our appreciation for the things of God. We learn more of His Word, we learn more of fellowship with Him and His people, and we learn by our experiences in faith more of the holiness, wisdom, and power of our God. Unless we are backsliders, we have experienced during the time since we were saved the transforming power of God in bringing us into conformity with the image of His Son. All things are becoming new.

We need not wait for Heaven to experience and enjoy that God has, is, and will be making all things new for us. – Jim MacIntosh

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