Word for Wednesday

And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city, and fire came down from God out of Heaven, and devoured them. Revelation 20:9

A little inner-city mission had struggled faithfully for years to take the Gospel and some comfort to the slum area in which it was located. Several of the gangs operating in that area had targeted the mission several times, but were unable to discourage the folks who were running it. Finally, the gangs got together and conspired to destroy the mission once and for all. They set their plans, and gathered their forces, and advanced one dark night on the mission. Unknown to them, an informer had passed their plans on to the police. The police, appreciative of the work of the mission, called in the military to help, and set a trap for the gangs. Just as the ringleader of the mob was to give the command to attack, the military turned on their floodlights. Dozens of gang members found themselves surrounded by hundreds of well-armed and highly motivated soldiers. Every gang member was captured and led away without a blow being struck. It was something like the battle that never happened in today’s text.

Our text tells of the ultimate rebellion and the final destruction. After a thousand years of righteous reign in which this world will know perfect peace and perfect administration, the armies of the world will haste to align themselves with Satan and his minions. Just as they encircle Jerusalem and the Christians, they are snuffed out by fire from Heaven. This is the final destruction of the enemy. This is the last dramatic flash of God’s great power in dealing with the devil, the final crushing of the serpent’s head. For the righteous, this is the final triumph, the epilogue to all the judgments that have preceded, and the perfect conclusion to the vengeance that our Lord has promised. For struggling saints today, this portion gives comfort in the assurance of final victory. It also gives us daily comfort in knowing that the One Who will destroy all our enemies provides daily victory as well.

The God Who can wipe out the armies of the world in a moment can surely give to you and me the encouragement, strength, and determination to stand against the wiles of the devil. His Word provides us the daily nourishment that we need to not only survive but thrive as soldiers of the cross. Daily prayer and communion with Him keeps us in touch with His purposes and his care for us. Regular fellowship with the Lord’s people keeps us happy and encouraged along the pilgrim path. And willing service for our Lord keeps us from being led astray by the temptations and ideas of the world.

The great day of total victory is coming. The little day of little victories is already here. – Jim MacIntosh

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