Lesson for the Lord’s Day

In Whom we have redemption through His blood, even the forgiveness of sins. Colossians 1:14

A scruffy looking, poorly shaved man meandered along the roadside, peering into the weeds and behind the rocks, pausing once in a while to bend over and pick up a can or plastic bottle. If the item was acceptable, he thrust it into a dusty burlap bag he was dragging, and moved on to find another can or plastic bottle. He was doing fairly well; the bag was about half full. This man was taking advantage of our province’s regulations that required redemption centres to pay five cents for each beverage container returned to the centres. It’s a good deal for the government, which taxes the containers a dime at the point of sale. Before this program came into effect, roadsides were often littered with unsightly cans and bottles. Now, it’s rare to see these items at all because most people don’t throw them away, and if they do, there is somebody in need of a nickel who will pick them up and redeem them. Without the redemption program, these items are just useless garbage. Without God’s redemption program, so are we.

Like an old pop can in a roadside ditch, you and I were once empty and useless, drained by Satan of our energies and abilities, and ruined by sin that destroyed any value we might have been to God. We needed a redeemer. But before we ever came to a realization of that need, God was already working. His great plan of salvation brought the Lord Jesus into the world. As God, He was qualified to be our Redeemer; as a man, He had a body to suffer and blood to shed, blood that would be the price for our redemption. There is a set price for the redemption of a beverage container in New Brunswick; there is also a set price for the redemption of lost sinners. As sinners, we have earned the wages of sin – death, which has been imposed on all of us, because we are all sinners. Because He was sinless, the Lord Jesus had no redemption required. Because He was sinless, the Lord Jesus could – and did – offer His life’s blood as the redemption price. And God has accepted that payment, because He raised the Lord Jesus from the dead.

The redemption that God gives us includes forgiveness of sins. Because He paid for our sins with His blood on the cross, the Lord Jesus has removed the barrier to our acceptance with God. Grounds have been provided for God, Who cannot overlook sin, to forgive the sinner.

Because the price paid for our redemption is infinite, so too is the forgiveness that God is offering to sinners. We rejoice in that forgiveness, which is undeserved but unlimited. – Jim MacIntosh

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