Sermon for Saturday

Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son. Colossians 1:13

Today’s text sounds like it could be taken directly from a Gene Roddenberry script. The creator of the Star Trek TV series and movies had all sorts of fascinating devices that will presumably be used three or four centuries from now. One of the most fascinating was the transporter, which beamed people from one place to another. A person on a transporter pad would be disassembled and would then be reassembled, atom by atom, in a target location. The entire Star Trek saga included many scenes in which the transporter rescued crew members who were in dangerous situations, and placed them within the safety of their own ship. It’s all pure fiction, of course, and scientifically impossible. But the translation spoken of in today’s text is of an even greater rescue from an even greater danger by an even greater miracle.

The powers of darkness were a greater danger to our souls than we could ever realize. The devil and his minions had access to us to bind us in a destructive life that would lead to a Christless eternity. The power of darkness was great, certainly greater than we could escape from on our own. It was so great that most of us were unaware that we were within its grip until the Holy Spirit brought us the Gospel that revealed to our souls our wretched estate. We came to understand that we were within a perilous situation that could only get worse, and we were helpless. Only then could our deliverance come, piercing the darkness and translating us out of the peril into the marvellous light of God’s grace.

Even if we wanted to – and none of us would – we cannot be translated back into the power of darkness. The translation into the kingdom of God’s dear Son is permanent and irreversible, even if the enemy does his best to make us think otherwise. Our deliverance is complete; the devil can no longer command us and seek our destruction. He has no power in the Kingdom of God’s dear Son, although he does have access to us to harrass us while we are still in the flesh. We already have the victory over him, and our Lord wants us to enjoy and appreciate that victory.

The kingdom of God’s dear Son is a wonderful domain. Within this kingdom are peace and joy because of sins forgiven and deliverance from punishment assured. Within this kingdom are also all the blessings that come from being a child of God, including all His protection and care. Within this kingdom is the blessing of Heaven’s promise now and Heaven’s presence to come. Within this kingdom is the fellowship with the Lord Jesus and with all of those who have been saved through Him.

No science fiction story can match the translation that God has accomplished for us; may we appreciate the place into which He has brought us. – Jim MacIntosh

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