Word for Wednesday

That ye might walk worth of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful unto all good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. Colossians 1:10

When I was in grade nine, like almost all the other boys in my class, I joined the Air Force cadets. It was the first year I was eligible to do so. We were issued spiffy uniforms and shoes, and took part in weekly drills and activities, and even got to go on ride in a military plane. But I never pursued the cadets thing beyond grade nine, and I was never encouraged to do so. The squadron leaders always grimaced when they saw me marching; I could never seem to get the hang of marching; I seemed to have two left feet or something. Anyway, the leaders always placed me in the middle of the pack during inspections, so my pathetic marching skills didn’t show as badly. I was the opposite of the Christians Paul was speaking about in today’s test, whose walk was pleasing to their Lord.

A cadet who couldn’t march as a cadet should was an embarrassment to his squadron and commanding officer. A Christian who doesn’t know how to walk as a Christian should is an embarrassment to other Christians, to His Assembly, and to His Lord. How do you and I know when we are walking as Christians should walk? Our text tells us that a correct walk will be one that pleases the Lord. The best way to make sure our walk pleases the Lord is to walk as He walked when He was in His earthly ministry. If we make Him our great Example, we will walk as we should.

The first thing that a cadet must learn is to obey orders. That is also an important lesson for a Christian to learn. Our orders are contained in a Book that provides everything we need for our direction, guidance, and support. If we obey the Word of God, we will walk as our Lord desires. Just as a good cadet wants to help his commanding officer to accomplish his mission, the good Christian will want to help his Lord to accomplish His mission. The Lord Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost. Our desire should be to be all the help we can toward the furtherance of the Gospel. Just as a good cadet will want his commanding officer to receive the credit that is his due, so a good Christian will do everything possible to exalt and praise the Lord Jesus. Just as a good cadet always places his commanding officer’s wishes above his own, so every faithful Christian always places the wishes of the Lord Jesus at the forefront of life.

Like good cadets in the service of our Lord, let us submit our wills to Him and walk so as to please Him and not ourselves. – Jim MacIntosh

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