Sermon for Saturday

And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean. Leviticus 10:10

Yet more nauseating news accounts from around the world tell of campaigns in more places to legalize same-sex marriages. Promoters of such abominable behaviour fly in the face of Scripture that identifies marriage as the union between a man and a woman. This means that, before God, same-sex marriages have no more legitimacy than a marriage between a man and his wheelbarrow. And yet, those who would promote and glorify the homosexual lifestyle declare that anyone who disagrees with them are the evil ones. In our day, this is one of the most blatant cases of those who would not make a difference between the holy and unholy, and between the clean and unclean. However, our text today does not deal with lifestyles, but with the correct attitude when it comes to the worship of God. This is an admonition that we all need to heed.

Some denominations equate worship with the playing of music and/or singing of songs that purport to exalt God. Other places define as worship the delivery of a sermon, the taking of an offering, and any of a number of activities or practices. In the example in Leviticus 10, two men offered strange fire with incense to God and were immediately smitten dead. The rules were simple, yet Nadab and Abihu broke those rules and suffered the consequences. We often wonder why God does not smite those today who make a mockery of worship by mingling the holy with the unholy.

The worship of the Lord’s people does not include physical incense as in the tabernacle. Instead, we offer the incense of praise to our Lord. Based on the example of Leviticus 10, we need to be careful that we do not offer strange fire, that we do not mingle the holy things of God with the profane things of ourselves. We dare not drag into our worship the foolish ideas of our own creation, the degrading practices of the world, the silly notions of those who would strive to attract bigger crowds, or the pathetic attempts at appealing to our emotions at the expense of maintaining the truth. The Word of God is always true, and if we adhere to that truth, we will be able to eliminate from our worship all that is false.

Our Lord desires that we do not insult Him by mixing the things of the flesh with those things concerning Himself. We don’t need to be popular with the world but we do need to be faithful to our Lord. – Jim MacIntosh

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