Meditation for Monday

And it shall be, when he shall be guilty in one of these things, that he shall confess that he hath sinned in that thing. Leviticus 5:5

As a tetotaler, I have never attended, nor felt the need to attend, a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. But I am told that a very important step for those who go to those meetings is to stand up and admit that they are alcoholics. That must take a great deal of courage when it happens for the first time. It also takes a great deal of humility for those people to make such an open and plain statement about a problem that is too big for them to deal with. Alcoholics can rarely be helped until they are willing to make such a confession. Sinners are the same; there was no hope of salvation for us until we are willing to confess that we are hopelessly lost sinners. Our text speaks of the need for confession before a sacrifice can be accepted. And the sacrifice must be one with no sins to confess.

We recall how the Lord Jesus was silent before His accusers. Even after Pilate had Him scourged, there was no confession of sin, and Pilate had to declare that he found this Man without fault. The Jewish rulers could accuse the Lord Jesus before Pilate, but they had no confession to present, because none was forthcoming. Pilate’s sentence of crucifixion was not based on any finding of guilt, or of any confession of guilt, but on political expediency. And yet, when he suffered on the cross, the Lord Jesus was bearing the punishment of sin, whether we have confessed it now, or not.

Most people go to their graves without confessing their sins. Most will admit to mistakes and some wrongdoings, but few will actually understand and declare that God’s holiness unveils their utter depravity in His sight. And yet, it is only those confessions that are made in time that receive the blessing from the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus, just as the person in our text who confesses his sin can receive the blessing from the sacrifice on the altar. The time will come when everybody will confess their sin. Everybody who has not confessed in time will do so in eternity. Everyone who has not fallen in repentance on the Lord Jesus will fall on their knees before him for judgment at the Great White Throne. Men and women who make excuses for their sins now, who declare that their abominations are not sins, and who deny that the wages of sin is death will have to admit in that terrible day that they were wrong. They will have to confess their sin and confess that God`s holiness requires punishment. But it will be too late for the value of the sacrifice to be applied. Only in time can God apply the sacrifice to a confessing sinner.

The only difference between us and those who are still in their sins is the confession we have made of that sin. The goodness of God that led us to repentance is yet available to those who still need to confess. – Jim MacIntosh

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