Word for Wednesday

Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the Scriptures. Luke 24:46

What do modern-day seminaries teach their students? These are schools that are preparing men and women to serve as leaders, preachers, and public servants of the religious denominations that they represent. What is the training in Scripture that these students receive. Sadly, in many of these schools they learn little of what the Bible teaches. Instead, they learn the pattern of what their denomination teaches, and study to fit the Word of God into that pattern. They learn how to conduct religious exercises, how to perform community service, and such matters. But of the depths of Scripture, they learn and understand little. How much different was the understanding that Jesus gave His disciples after His resurrection. This same understanding is available to us today, if we wish to avail ourselves of it.

It was important for the disciples, soon to be termed the apostles, to understand Scriptures. Jesus was sending them forth to proclaim the Gospel to the world. They must know how all of Scripture tells of Himself. They must know how the Word of God unfolds the purposes of God for Israel as well as for Christians (and understand the difference). They must grasp the reality of man’s depravity and utter inability to save himself, needing the intervention of God in the provision of His Son as our only Saviour. They must know of the work of the Holy Spirit in the great age that was opening up to the world, an era of God turning to the Gentiles to call our for Himself a people for His Name. They must learn the value of the Bible and its necessity as the food for the souls of the redeemed. We too must understand these things, and learn to act upon them

Where did the disciples learn these great truths. The Lord Jesus opened their understanding. It works just the same today. We can recite Scripture, in fact many of us remember the Sunday School memorization verses we learned many years ago. But only the Lord can unveil the truth in those verses. And He is just as willing to do so as He was with His disciples.

It is a good desire to want to know more of the Word of God. Get into the Book and entreat the Lord to teach you its meaning, and He will be delighted to do so. -Jim MacIntosh

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