Sermon for Saturday

And why call ye Me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?. Luke 6:46

Do you know what a Boss Button is? Many computer games come with a Boss Button. If you click the Boss Button, the game disappears, and the computer screen shows a work application. The idea is that when an employee is playing the game when he is supposed to be working, he can quickly get rid of the evidence if the boss happens to walk into the room. The boss will think the employee is doing his regular work. The Boss Button is based on employees doing their own thing instead of doing what their employer is paying them for. In today’s text, the Lord Jesus is asking his hearers why they push the Boss Button to look pious when He is near but live for the devil and themselves when they don’t think the Lord is paying any attention.

To acknowledge the lordship of Christ is to obey Him. We can’t call Him Lord truthfully if we disobey Him. We have the things that He said written in a book; it’s called the Bible. The Bible teaches us what the Lord Jesus wants us to do. Obedience means reading the Bible and doing what it says.

What does the Bible say about our behaviour, our language, our companionships, our entertainment, our social and political involvements, our attitudes and manners, our giving and our worship? There is no area of our life that the Bible does not give us guidance or instruction for. Most of the Bible’s teaching is very clear and plain. So there is no reason for us to ignore our Lord’s directions and desires for us. There is no reason for us to push the Boss Button and do our own thing.

So why do Christians disobey what our Lord wants of us? Why do believers spend so much time vexing our souls with the filthy conversation of the ungodly? Why do we seek to be so like the world in our language and deportment? Why do we fill our minds on the world’s garbage in the forms of its media and reading matter? Why do we neglect our Lord’s appeal for us to spread the Gospel and to support its furtherance? The only reason I can think of is that we have not submitted fully to His lordship. He is not Lord of all.

Before you push the Boss Button of disobedience today, consider how much better it would be to have our Lord’s commendation as good servants than to have a guilty conscience about our disobedience. -Jim MacIntosh

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