Word for Wednesday

Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold my servants shall eat but ye shall be hungry, behold my servants shall drink but ye shall be thirsty, behold my servants shall rejoice but ye shall be ashamed. Isaiah 65:13

There is a big difference between those who belong to the Lord and those who don’t. While the Christians are having their souls supplied with good food and are thriving on it, the world is feeding on husks, empty and unfilling trash that is destroying their souls. While the Christian is drinking deeply of the blessings of God, the world is fainting from frantic pumping at the dry and dirty cisterns of the world. As the world struggles to provide crumbs of joy, pleasure, satisfaction, and fulfilment, Christians have daily cause for rejoicing and thrill at the knowledge of joys forevermore at the Saviour’s side in glory.

Today’s text also speaks of joy for the saint but shame for the sinner. Christians can and do rejoice, although not as much as we should, and certainly not as much as we are going to in Glory. We have so much to rejoice in, our days should be filled with thanksgiving and rejoicing in the goodness and love of God. Our salvation, the greatest of all blessings, has ushered us into the assurance of eternal rejoicing. We have not only the comfort and protection of the Holy Spirit every moment of our lives down here, but the sweet peace that comes from knowing that all is well with our soul in this life and the next.

The poor sinner has it rough. Not only is the way of the transgressor hard, but the end of the transgressor is eternal shame. Try to imagine a self-righteous sinner standing before the Great White Throne and holding up a clump of filthy rags, realizing how far short they come of what the Holy One requires. What depths of shame will overwhelm such a one, numbered with those of whom Daniel wrote: Some to shame and everlasting contempt. (Daniel 12:2) How pitiful the life and the eternal prospects of the unbeliever, the Christ rejector, the salvation neglecter!

Rejoice, dear Saint, and seek to invite others to enter into that rejoicing. -Jim MacIntosh

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