Meditation for Monday

Therefore say I unto you, the Kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. Matthew 21:43

I grew up during a period when the Montreal Canadiens were assumed to be the natural heirs to the Stanley Cup. This hockey team was so powerful and had such a rich history of victories over the other teams that nobody even thought of any other team winning the cup. So, great astonishment marked the victory of the Chicago Black Hawks in 1961. I also grew up in an era when the Liberal party dominated federal politics in Canada. The party had held power for many years, through the prime ministerships of MacKenzie King and Louis St. Laurent. So, great astonishment marked the rise to power of the Progressive Conservatives under John Diefenbaker in 1957. In today’s text, Jesus was foretelling a similar upset of events. Everyone assumed the Jews would be the ones through whom God would work. But just like the Habs in 1961 and the Grits in 1957, they were in for an ousting. This is where we, among the Gentiles, come into the blessing and responsibility of the Kingdom of God.

From the Gentiles, God continues to call out a people for His kingdom. With no regard for race or place, God through the Gospel calls sinners to become saints and take over the work of spreading His name. God calls those same saints to serve and worship Him, and to give to Him a dwelling place on the planet. Jesus was letting the Jews know they were being temporarily replaced. Why? the previous verse tells us it was because they had rejected the Stone Who was to become the Head of the corner.

God is still rejecting those who reject His Son. We in North America live among great apathy toward the Gospel. God is being displaced all around us with material things, with the delusions of the cults and Mohammedanism, with worldly knowledge, with anything but reverence for God and acceptance of His Son.

We who have trusted Christ have a great privilege – to serve and worship Him. We also have a great responsibility – to serve and worship Him. If we fail to treasure our privilege and fail to perform our responsibility, God may turn away from us to others. -Jim MacIntosh

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