Thought for Thursday

How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. Jude 18

When I was a young teenager, and was staying with the Pattersons in Oxford for the summer, we had a feed of corn on the cob for supper one night. Afterwards, I took one of the cobs, cut a section from the middle, and hollowed out one end of it. I found a piece of goldenrod stem, and fit it into the side of the cob, and had myself a rather handsome corncob pipe. I put the pipe in my mouth and went to show it to Hiel, who was lying on the couch with a book. He looked up at me, and with a bit of a grin, quoted Proverbs 14:9 – Fools make a mock at sin. So much for my silly pipe! Lots of times we as Christians make a mock at some of the sinful things we see around us, and often it is not appropriate. But the worst mockery we see about us is not us mocking sin, but sinners mocking the Christians. These folks do so at their eternal peril.

Mind you, there were some people who claimed to be Christians who sank to extremely disgraceful behaviour, opening themselves up to all manner of ridicule. They became fodder for the mockers who, seeing so-called ‘religious people’ acting so shamefully, felt they could justify such behaviour in themselves. Profane comedians, including the late George Carlin, often chose to draw his laughs from his ability to mock the Christians, the Bible, and God in whom he proclaimed to not believe. The sad thing is, these people who laughed at backsliders and false professors are no longer laughing. The chuckles and sneers of earth have been replaced by the screams and wails of hell. It’s not funny now. Mind you, it never was; they simply chose to mock, and to lump real Christians in with the fakes.

What do we do when we hear the mockers? Sometimes it is appropriate to stand up and challenge them. That’s not always possible. Sometimes, it is appropriate to provide an appropriate Gospel tract. But not always. But there is something that is always appropriate… to pray for the poor folks who are doing the mocking, that God would open their eyes, and for any spectators to the mockery, that God would let them see the shamefulness of the mocking behaviour.

The world mocked the Lord Jesus, and they will mock His followers. Remember, it is our Lord they are mocking. And our Lord will call them to account. -Jim MacIntosh

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