Sermon for Saturday

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. Matthew 2:10

What was so exciting about a star? Stars are beautiful; we have all enjoyed the sight of the starry heavens on a clear night. Some stars are more bright or more interesting than others, while many others are barely visible, even with a telescope. But stars are hardly exciting in most cases. So what caused these wise men such rejoicing when they saw the star? Of its brilliance or appearance we are not told. But we are told of the star’s location: it stood over the place where the Lord Jesus was. As it stood there, it marked the destination that these wise men had travelled great distances to reach. They had reached the most important destination in their lives. Of course they rejoiced.

How we ought to rejoice today that we have found the place where the Lord Jesus is! It’s not hard to find, so it is amazing that more Christians haven’t found the place. Matthew 18:20 tells us how to find it. All of the rest of Scripture supports that instruction. Believers who gather in His name have the assurance of His presence. Believers who gather in another name do not have that assurance. Believers who fail to gather do not have that assurance. But the simplicity of the pattern that assures our Lord’s presence is heartwarming as we give thanks for having recognized it.

Remember how the magi rejoiced? Do we get so excited when we reach the place where the Lord Jesus is? Does our joy make itself evident to each other and to those around about? Just think about it… God’s Assembly is the dwelling place for the King of Glory, the God of Eternity, the Maker and Sustainer of the universe, the Alpha and Omega, and a hundred other names and titles that describe and ascribe to Him. This realization should be so thrilling to us that our gatherings should be times of great joy and excitement. But we get a little too used to it, don’t we? The reality of His presence fades from our appreciation. And so we gather, and sit quietly, and smile a bit, and politely say ‘Amen’ at appropriate times. Are we really rejoicing?

Can you imagine how vibrant our meetings would be if we grasped the joyful aspect of being in the same place as the Lord Jesus? -Jim MacIntosh

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