Meditation for Monday

I Jesus have sent Mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright and morning Star. Revelation 22:16

Many of the world’s religions teach that man can – by devotion to the tenets of their religion – eventually reach the status of a god. We know this is false. But it does thrill our hearts to know that One Who was (and is and ever will be) God was willing to take on Himself the status of a man. Our text today identifies the Lord Jesus declaring the relationship between His earthly humanity and His heavenly deity.

In the Root and Offspring of David, we see the Lord Jesus stepping into humanity as a descendent of Israel’s greatest king. This is in harmony with all of Old Testament prophecy, proving His credentials as the Messiah and Redeemer. David was not perfect, but from his offspring could come One Who was fully qualified to redeem Israel and all who will believe. We have in His place in the lineage of David also the identity with fallen humanity. Never a sinner, He clothed Himself in human flesh in which to endure punishment for sin. As a man, he allowed Himself to endure what we ought to have endured for our rebellion and disobedience. The Root and Offspring of David suffered for our sins on the cross.

As the Bright and Morning Star, we see Jesus as the King of Kings from eternity past and as the Prince of Glory forevermore. The verse is referring to a star that appears at the darkest hour of night, before any indication of the day is evident. A short time later, the darkness begins to fade to make way for the day. The appearance of the Lord Jesus as the Bright and Morning Star speaks of His coming in the rapture of the saints. This occurs during the darkness in this world, before the appearance of the Lord Jesus when He returns to set up His kingdom. So for believers, the Bright and Morning Star is a glorious hope. When we gather on the first day of the week to remember Him, we keep in mind those precious words ‘until He come’.

Our worship of the Lord Jesus is humbling to us to consider Him as the Root and Offspring of David. Our worship is also thrilling to consider Him as the Bright and Morning Star. -Jim MacIntosh

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